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Use Amazon S3 as Your File Server

“I want to build a file server in EC2, storage use Amazon S3, user management integrated with Active Directory, and publish network shares with CIFS”. As Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) getting more and more popular and becoming the default for EC2 servers, we are seeing more and more requests like this for Amazon S3. As we will show you in this article, it is not hard to implement this with Gladinet Cloud solutions. There are two hurdles for you to overcome, which Gladinet Cloud does it for you. Problems to Solve (a) Amazon S3 is not  CIFS (Microsoft Network Share) protocol, so you will need an Amazon S3 to CIFS protocol converter. Otherwise, you can’t map a drive directly to Amazon S3. (b) CIFS protocol is a LAN protocol, suitable for local area network. Performance wise, it wasn’t designed for wide area network (AKA Internet). The CIFS protocol is too chatty, involving too much requests and acknowledgements. It is slow to stream files over the Internet from Amazon data cente

Use OpenStack Swift for Private Offsite Backup

As we are providing cloud storage access solutions for OpenStack Swift, we are also learning from our customers about how they are using the solution in their companies. In this customer study, It involves two pieces of technology solutions, the OpenStack Swift, and Gladinet Cloud Enterprise. OpenStack Swift is established off-site, but privately in a data center, with a service provider. The Gladinet Cloud Enterprise is established on-site, providing the on-ramp and connectivity to the private OpenStack Swift instance off-site. The Setup

Migrating File Server Share to Cloud

Here is a pretty common use case. You have an existing file server like windows 2003 or windows 2008 in the local office. Everyone in the local office is using a network share from the file server. There are some users from the branch office that may need to access the file server share from outside through VPN as well. There are multiple pain points that concern you at this moment. First is you are concerned about the life of the file sever and if the server stops functioning, you need to have a quick way to continue the work. Second, the remote users are complaining about the speed of access to the file server since they need to go through VPN. It is cumbersome and slow. Recently you heard the cloud storage and related technology and the possibility to cure all the pain points without disrupting your current work. That brings you to look for a cloud storage solution. Now you are looking at how the solution will help, read on … The Requirement You need a solution that will meet