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Secure File Sharing with Your File Servers

Are you worried about employees sending sensitive data like private health information (PHI), financial records or business trade secrets through third party websites? Are you worried about your data getting lost, stolen or hijacked by ransomware when employees use popular file sync and share services in the cloud? In this article, we’ll discuss how CentreStack addresses all these issues while increasing worker productivity! And we think you’re going to love taking control by using it to implement secure file sharing in your own datacenter. With CentreStack, secure file sharing is easier than sending an email: 1. Users simply access the file or folder through their mapped drive or mobile device, 2. Right click on the file or folder they’d like to share, 3. And then enter the email address of the recipient. This process makes the file available without transferring it to any third-party clouds or servers and allows you to set your own security policies. For example, an administrator c