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Solving the Google Workspace 100 TB Storage Limit for Research Institutions Using AWS S3

Are you struggling to accept the storage limit policy changes for Google Workspace for Education? Does the newly imposed 100 TB storage limit have you scrambling to find a new home for your data? Don't want to deal with the headaches of building your own access and collaboration interface for S3? Keep reading! In the modern era, research institutions are generating and analyzing larger amounts of data than ever before. This trend is set to continue, as new technologies like AI, machine learning, and big data analytics continue to evolve. As a result, there has been a growing need for research institutions to store and manage vast quantities of research data. However,  Google Workspace for Education has recently imposed a limit of 100TB across all end-users , creating a serious problem for research institutions with larger data sets.  In this article, we'll introduce CentreStack, an  access and collaboration front end for AWS S3  that provides virtually unlimited storage for the

Active Directory User Management for External Users

Simplify External Access to Internal Shares without Active Directory Management Headaches    (Bonus: You won’t need a VPN or the cloud!) Tired of Creating and Deleting AD Users for External Access?  Active Directory user management for external users can create significant headaches when there is a dynamic remote workforce that requires frequent changes.  Imagine that you’re manufacturing a product that uses parts from multiple suppliers. You have all your design documents on internal file shares but your suppliers need access. Typically, this might be done over a VPN which requires that these external users authenticate to your domain. So now you’ll have to create new users for the contracted suppliers and get rid of them when they’re done. Is the Approval Process Cumbersome?  That process can become cumbersome if, for example, your suppliers are constantly changing over time for different projects or they have large numbers of employees that need access. And what happens if you don’t

5 Reasons CentreStack's File Server Mobilization Beats File Server Migration

File Server Migration vs File Server Mobilization File server migration is commonly viewed as an easy, cost-effective way to address the modern workforce’s increasing need for mobile productivity and security. But moving file server data to a cloud service that is not 100% file-server compatible often leaves much to be desired in the following areas:  Mapped Drives and File Server Compatibility Backup, Protection, and Recovery Application Compatibility Compliance, Control, and Privacy Reduced Migration Complexity and Costs   File server mobilization resolves these issues with 100% file server compatibility SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, and similar services are all based on file server migration. And that’s why so many of their customers have problems in these areas. To address them, file server migration must be replaced by file server mobilization – an approach that fully addresses mobile productivity and security BUT also maintains 100% compatibility with file server use cases.