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Why MSPs Opt for CentreStack File Server Mobilization Over BIM360 and LucidLink

The cloud file-sharing landscape for 3D designs and media files is rapidly evolving. As MSPs look for standout solutions, CentreStack's unique file server mobilization capability wins out over BIM360 and LucidLink, especially when data cannot be transferred to the cloud. But what are the specifics that lead to this preference? An MSP's Observational Journey A forward-thinking MSP identified a recurring problem: Standard Office files transferred seamlessly to SharePoint, but 3D designs and media files didn't. BIM360 and LucidLink were reputable but not sufficient. CentreStack's approach to file server mobilization not only filled the gaps but also opened up a predictable revenue stream for the MSP. CentreStack’s File Server Mobilization Edge for MSPs In the face of challenges like: Difficulties with remote access and sharing Handling complex designs Retaining data control The looming threat of losing "sticky" revenues CentreStack offers unparalleled solutions:

Navigating Cloud Apprehension: Unlocking Cloud-like Productivity for Businesses Reluctant to Transition

At a time when digital transformation is steering the course of enterprises toward cloud-based solutions, the move to virtualized environments offers unparalleled benefits in terms of scalability, accessibility, and collaboration. However, not all enterprises are ready to make this shift, especially when it comes to migrating sensitive files and operations to the cloud. This article addresses the unique challenges faced by organizations that are hesitant to move their files to the cloud. It explores the underlying concerns and outlines strategies for leveraging cloud-like productivity without committing completely to the cloud. The Cloud Conundrum: Fear vs. Desire Organizations, particularly in industries such as healthcare, legal and insurance, have valid reasons for their reluctance to adopt cloud-based file-sharing solutions. Their concerns often revolve around data security, regulatory compliance, and the complexity of their operations. But despite these reservations, these compani