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Cloudify Remote File Server with CentreStack

CentreStack is a managed file sync and share solution.  It can help a remote file server sync folders to cloud and also maintain same set of permission control with same set of Active Directory users. This video demonstrates how to use server agent to connect remote file server to CentreStack over the Internet without using VPN (virtual private network). The end result is business continuity as the file server content is replicated to the cloud and maintain two-way synchronization. At the same time, the folder permission is maintained with Active Directory user identity. Business users when they are in the local office, they can continue to access the local file server as it was before; and the same business user can access file server now from mobile devices, web browsers and remote PC/Mac without using a VPN. Sometimes, this is also called hybrid cloud with local network performance and cloud productivity combined.

CentreStack Active Directory Integration

CentreStack is a managed sync and share solution. It can be used in a multi-tenant setup to service multiple companies or multiple departments of the same company. The companies almost always have an active directory each. There are two different ways to integrate active directory. The first one is traditional LDAP connection. The second one is via Server Agent to help connect remote active directory. This video demonstrates how to connect Active Directory to CentreStack on a per-tenant basis. The next video in the blog will demonstrate connection Active Directory via Server Agent. (Server Agent is a small piece of software included in CentreStack that can install on remote file servers that are in the active directory). Here is the video for Active Directory connection via LDAP.

CentreStack Branding–Generic Section

CentreStack is a managed file sync and share solution. Either it is for managed service provider or for enterprise, branding capability and white label capability is important. This video demonstrates the general branding capability for the CentreStack solution.

Version Control in CentreStack

  CentreStack is a managed file sync and share solution. This video demonstrates the version control feature for files and folders. With version control, files can be undeleted, folders can be un-deleted and different versions of the file can be managed. The video also shows the retention policy that is related to version control.

Request Files from Other External User

CentreStack is a managed file sync and share solution that service providers can set up for their clients. In build 7.8.3448, we added a feature that allows uploading multiple files from external users via a web portal based invitation. Here is a video for the feature.

Centrestack New Web User Interface

CentreStack is the Gladinet's Managed File Sync and Share Solution. At Gladinet, we want to make sure we are always enhancing the feature set and also making it easy for the CentreStack admins to manage and administer the CentreStack environment from the central web management console. We have enhanced our web interface UI using the new and state of the art responsive design technologies. The look and feel now is very modern and appealing to the users. The web interface UI now resizes itself as the size changes. The video below demonstrates the new web user interface design for web portal for CentreStack. It shows the wide screen and  more responsive design including some of the new features.