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Web 2.0 Expo

We had a good show at the web 2.0 expo. Many people stopped by and saw the demo. Some summarized with their own words, such as "local access to my virtual asset" and "seamless integration of all my data into a virtual drive", which were all pretty accurate. One attendee even joked about - "so, it is not c:, it is Cloud:, why don't you change the name to cloud-colon?" It was interesting to see that it only takes 30 seconds to get the message crossed with the demo. As soon as people saw the click to mount icons in the virtual drive, they nodded and knew what it is. There are two competing trends going on. One is the local hard drive getting bigger and cheaper. The other is the cloud storage getting bigger and cheaper. As it is now, there is a rough 25:1 ratio between the two. For example, find a mid range laptop/desktop from BestBuy, it may come with a hard drive 250G ~ 640G. Find a free online storage, it may come with 10G-25G. This 25:1 ratio determine