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Simplifying Cloud Migration with CentreStack

  Cloud computing is not a new trend for small businesses, although it is a fast-growing one. According to Cisco, Cloud data center traffic is expected to represent 95% of total global data center traffic by 2021. And, as more businesses open up to full cloud migration, many feel the need to engage managed services providers to cater to their IT needs. These needs differ so it is vital to understand the client’s IT infrastructure and workload requirement in order to deliver on a cloud solution that fully supports their business.  But cloud migration doesn’t have to be a nightmare for either party. So in this article, we will share ways to eliminate migration complications as well as how MSP partners can completely simplify the process for their SMB clients. Background One Drive and SharePoint are two reputable cloud service platforms, however, they do have scalability limitations. For example, the problems below were experienced by an MSP partner reselling both Dropbox and

How To Save Money on Amazon Workspace GPUs and Solve the 2 Biggest Challenges of Amazon WorkDocs

For  many  companies, Amazon WorkDocs and WorkSpaces are two of AWS’s most interesting options for cloud collaboration and computing. Amazon’s Desktop-As-A-Service (DaaS) solution, Amazon WorkSpaces , enables engineering teams to work without workstations. It provides a cloud-based virtual desktop and has WorkSpaces bundles that meet the requirements for running design and engineering applications such as AutoCAD.  Unfortunately, there are some painful limitations that accompany file server migrations to these services. For instance, Amazon WorkDocs aims to address network file share migration but fails to preserve file ownership and permissions. Workspaces, on the other hand, can become very expensive for graphically intensive workloads  This article explains how to navigate these migration problems using architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) firms as a reference example.  File Server Migration to Amazon WorkDocs   Amazon WorkDocs offers a default W drive that allow