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Backup, Access, Sync and Share with Gladinet Cloud

We talked about cloud storage use case can be summarized as BASIC (Backup, Access, Sync & Share, Identity & Control). This article discuss how the BASIC cloud storage use case is served by Gladinet Cloud. First there is a quick introduction video that may present it better than the writing here. Quick Intro Video (The video is 1280x720 HD)

Seamless Migration to the Cloud Storage

What would be the best way to migrate local storage to cloud storage? The answer shall be that you are using it (cloud) as if there is no migration, no interruption, no down time and no wait time.  It shall be as easy as you attach your local storage on-to the cloud and you can start using it from the cloud, regardless whether the whole transfer has finished or not. With the new Gladinet Cloud, this is a reality. Your familiar local storage can be attached to Gladinet Cloud. It will be immediately available to your other devices, from the web, from a virtual network drive, from your desktop and your file server,  while the background migration is completing. First, you will need to sign up for a Gladinet Cloud account. Once you are done, you can use the account from your Gladinet Cloud Desktop (Team Edition) and Gladinet Cloud Server.

Introducing Gladinet Cloud Server

Gladinet Cloud Server is Gladinet CloudAFS combined with Gladinet Cloud for Teams . On one hand, it is a file server that allows you to mount different cloud storage services such as Amazon S3 , Windows Azure , Google Storage , EMC Atmos into a Windows File Server. On the other hand, it allows you to have default Gladinet Cloud so it works out of the box (instead of waiting for you to mount any cloud storage services before it is fully functional). This is a step forward to have a complete cloud access solution for customers. Gladinet Cloud is based on Amazon S3. By delivering it as default storage to customers, Gladinet makes it simpler for users to use the cloud. Installation Gladinet Cloud Server installs through a standard Windows MSI package.

Gladinet Cloud Solutions for Amazon S3

Last week, Amazon Web Services Blog reported that there were 566 Billion Objects in Amazon S3. We have been following Amazon S3’s growth closely and here is a picture we plotted with Excel. You can see the growth fits well with the red exponential curve.

Some Unique Features of Gladinet Cloud

Last week, the Gladinet Cloud for Teams and Businesses were released. It is a cloud storage service in general. This article discusses several unique features of the Gladinet Cloud and answer the Why Gladinet Cloud questions. 1. Merge the Cloud Storage and On-Premise Local Storage Talking to Gladinet’s customers, quite many are facing the pain of cloud migration, especially the time it takes to sync data up to the cloud. Businesses can’t afford to have a 2-week gap just to sync local data to cloud before they can use it. They prefer the sync happens in the background, while the data continues to be available to other sites, like virtually in the cloud. This is a unique feature of Gladinet Cloud – Attach Local Folder to Cloud. Once the folder is attached, it is virtually available, while cloud migration happens in the background.