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User Group Management in CentreStack

CentreStack is an enterprise file sync and share platform. Group Manager in CentreStack makes it easy for administrators to manage users where administrators can assign groups to published contents instead of individual users. Administrators can also import existing AD groups besides importing individual AD users in CentreStack. The video below demonstrates how to create groups, add users to the groups and then use those groups when assigning permissions to published content.

Overview of the New Web User Interface (UI) in CentreStack

CentreStack is an enterprise file sync and share platform. The web design plays a critical role in how users and administrators perceive the ease of use of the platform. We have recently updated our Web UI following responsive web design principles and making it much easier to find different objects and options in web interface. We strive to ensure that our platform Web UI design and development respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. We also want to make sure administration in our web based management console is easy and streamlined where administrators can easily find the objects and options they are looking for. We also provide brief descriptions under all the settings that can be configured in our management console. For users it is now much easier to browse folders and files, create new folders, share content etc. The video below demonstrates the new web UI of the CentreStack platform.

Cluster Manager in CentreStack

CentreStack is an enterprise file sync and share platform. Cluster Manager in CentreStack is the management console for cluster admins where they can do administrative tasks including cluster branding, tenant creation and management, setting up email services, health of the cluster, cluster reports and cluster settings. The video below demonstrates different options of the Cluster Manager in CentreStack.

Auditing and Reporting in CentreStack

CentreStack in an Enterprise File Sync and Share platform. It has built-in auditing and reporting which is critical for organizations to keep track of all the changes that are being done in the system. A tenant admin can look upload reports, storage statistics, team folders, audit trace, and file change logging. The video below demonstrates how to generate different reports and look at resource utilization in CentreStack.