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What's new in this week's CentreStack Release 10.2.6335.43041 (March 18, 2019)

What's new in this week's CentreStack Release? Check out the details below... CentreStack :  10.3.6452.43283  |  Windows Client :  10.3.2717.43279  |  Mac Client :  10.1.42951 We've enhanced the Centrestack server performance. The Cluster admin can translate the Offline folder initial download/Outlook plugin installation message. The strings are defined in the resource files for strings_win.aspx. When the file name for the deletion marker is in different cases from the deleted file, make sure deleted file is purged. We've enhanced expire time setup during sharing. When someone shares to a guest user in the portal, there is the ability to mark the guest user in an existing shared email list. When the user shares a folder as 'Read Only (Download will be disabled)', download is disabled when the user accesses the share link. We've enhanced the shared file update notification email, to show the file information correctly. We've enhanc