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Web-based FTP?

You may think FTP is old technology and replaced by cloud storage already. However, FTP is still widely used and widely distributed with IIS web server or Apache web server. Just the other day, saw some discussion on web based FTP, which is around whether it is possible to upload files to FTP server over a web browser. The answer may be yes, but it is not FTP. To get it to work, first the file has to be uploaded over HTTP/HTTPS to sit on the web server. After that, a FTP client has to be invoked to send the file to FTP server. It is  a two-leg operation to combine HTTP and FTP together. Since there are two different stage of the operation, whether or not the backend storage is FTP server is not important, because the FTP client is not exposed to the end user. In this case, it can be completely replaced with better technology and newer HTTP/AJAX techniques. So we are talking about Web-based FTP alternative solution. Welcome Gladinet Cloud Enterprise. When FTP was invented, we didn’