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4 Ways CentreStack Reduces Compute Costs and Beats the Competition in VDI and Hosted Application Environments

CentreStack is becoming increasingly popular to optimize compute costs by reducing unnecessary loads on the virtual machines and networks used to provide virtual desktops and hosted applications for remote users. These cost optimizations can accelerate profits and, in extreme cases, can even mean the difference between life and death for a business that is being forced to support more and more remote users with varied use cases. A side effect of the varied nature of these remote access use cases is that users often face challenges when accessing data. For example, they may have trouble accessing files in the virtual environment from mobile devices or physical desktops. And given the increasing sprawl of data across file shares, cloud storage, and services like SharePoint, users often find it difficult to navigate access across all these locations. This article will explore 4 ways CentreStack reduces costs and sets itself apart from the competition with unique access solutions for these