Better SkyDrive 25G Support - Part II

Build 60 was released to the Gladinet download page today, which completed a two-part effort (build 48/build 60) of integrating the new SkyDrive into Windows Explorer for beta 1.

SkyDrive is really cool, especially with 25G and features like publishing and sharing with friends. Currently there is no Windows Explorer integration from Microsoft so it is hard to migrate multi-gigabytes of content to SkyDrive. We like SkyDrive and we would like to help promoting the usage of it. We went ahead and did the value-add.

With Gladinet Cloud Desktop, beta build 60, you can do these things:

(1) Drag and drop multiple folders into SkyDrive.

(2) Grab a link in IE or Firefox and drop it directly into SkyDrive's Favorite folder. You can grab a folder full of bookmarks into the Favorite folder too.

(3) Go to a different PC, drag a folder out of SkyDrive and back it up to that PC.

(4) Support both Private folders and Public folders.


Build 60 is a SkyDrive/Amazon S3 focused release. If you are using Google Docs/Picasa, wait for the next release around the end of the month, which will have better support for Google Docs.

Hope the Gladinet Cloud Desktop does a better job for SkyDrive integration this time. Happy New Year 2009!


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Unknown said…
Excellent improvement - I was finding that Gladinet was occasionally failing to read my files when uploading them to SkyDrive. This version appears to have eliminated that issue.

Now all I need to find out is how to move the 'cache' directory from my C drive to a drive with more space...
CentreStack said…
In the future, the cache directory will be like the cache directory in IE that you can pick and choose where to go. For now, it is tied to the %User Profile%. I think there is a way to change the whole Documents and Settings\User to a different place for now.
CentreStack said…
Or manually clear the cache directory after you are sure all the content were copied to SkyDrive already.
Anonymous said…
in win xp it is working, but it isn´t 100% yet. great job!
Unknown said…
Really great software! Congratulations!
As I don't have any problems with mounting SkyDrive, unfortunately I cannot register to Google service(both Docs and Picasa). I can to login into Google normally via website. Any suggestions?
Gang said…
awu, could you please tell us whether you are using non-google email account or Google Apps account to login to Google Docs and Picasa? You can email us at
jerryhuang said…
There were several known issues about Google Docs/Picasa support in Gladinet Build 60. As we move forward with later builds, the issues will be addressed. Let us know specific issues at
Great product.. I am already enjoying it. Works perfect for me. I will do a small post on my blog for the readers
jerryhuang said…
Thanks. Good to know it is useful. Will continue to improve.
Anonymous said…
really enjoyed playing with this for local <-> skydrive support but I kinda get that with Mesh already.

The (for me) killer feature I'm looking for is the ability to map a drive on my Windows Home Server to Gladinet and be able to access it from on the road with my laptop as though it was local (it would save me trying to keep all my music on the laptop but I could freshen up the Zune from my library) ... any ETA on that?
Gang said…
In Standalone version, you can mount a local folder. However, it doesn't do much, except adding it to Gladinet Drive. In standard version, the mounted local folder will be accessible on any other machine where you have Gladinet client up, or even on the browser through Web Desktop.

Right now we close the standard invitation, to concentrate on the stand-alone version. We'll start to send out the inviation by April-June time frame.
Bob said…
Works really well with all the storage I've thrown at it so far - Google, Adrive, Skydrive. No drivers for I-drive though? One to add to the list. And it would be nice to be able to work with Zoho - is that just the standard version? If so, I hope you open up the list again soon!
skydrive is the OPPOSITE of cool with a 50meg per file limitation.

The uploading application, yours in this case, needs to have on the fly, STANDARD ARCHIVAL chunking options. Simple part-splitting tool, RAR, or ZIP.

Proprietary chunking is wholly unacceptable

It should also create PAR2 files to 15% by default.

It should be alble to create a user-side structure that can be imposed on skydrive.

It should be able to "FXP" from SkyDrive to other storage facilities.. even if OTHER skydrives

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