Version 1.2 Introduces Google Docs Backup to an Array of Cloud Storage

With the recent introduction of Gladinet Cloud Desktop version 1.2, Gladinet has introduced the ability to create an automatic backup of your Google Docs files to a redundant array of cloud storage. This feature allows you to specify a Google Docs source account, a cloud storage target, and a monitoring interval. You can also specify whether you want to use a designated folder or backup all files. If you choose to use a drop box, any files moved to it will automatically get backed up to Amazon S3, EMC Atmos,, or whichever service you select. Otherwise, all files in the specified Google Docs account will be backed up by the monitoring thread at the specified interval. In either case, the backups are incremental and will just copy the changes.

Version 1.2 also introduces support for the Windows 7 platform along with the following features and enhancements:

• A New Virtual Directory Manager
• A Simplified Systray Menu
• An Improved Task Manager
• The ability to pause or resume all tasks from the systray menu
• Backup Monitoring Task Optimizations

These enhancements, particularly the Google Docs backup, are examples of Gladinet's desire to leverage its ubiquitous cloud storage client for Windows which is based on an open-platform integration with Google Docs, EMC Atmos, Amazon S3 and many other providers. The platform has been providing users with the ability to create a redundant array of cloud storage to backup the data on their PC or provide external storage. The new Google Docs backup feature is a natural extension which takes the company one step closer to its goal of transforming the Internet into a virtual PC by integrating cloud services directly onto a PC desktop.

Furthermore, these changes give users the peace of mind that comes from increased redundancy and reduced dependence on the reliability or robustness of a single provider. It also provides the flexibility to switch providers without having to worry about moving a large amount of data all at once. The bottom line is that Gladinet's software puts users back in control of their data. Check it out at


Unknown said…
No proxy support yet ? I'm waiting for this feature from the Beta vrsion. It is very important to use Gladinet even for business. When you plan to support proxy ?
Franklyn Peart said…
Thanks for your interest and patience. Proxy support is tentatively planned for version 1.3.
Unknown said…
How about support for Adrive? I thought it was included, but not anymore.
Deeps said…
GladinetSetup_1.2.178_x64 installs to Program Files(x86) on Windows 7 (RTM) (64 bit OS) - is this expected..
CentreStack said…
Yes. it is expected. The base of the code is 32-bit since it runs on WOW64. there are about 3-4 DLLs that are 64-bit and must be 64-bit so it can be loaded by 64-bit processes such as windows explorer.
Gang said…
fran.lab, we just released a tech preview of proxy support. If you are interested, you can check the post here

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