Gladinet Enhances Backup Capabilities in Cloud Desktop 1.4

Gladinet Cloud Desktop has always provided advanced backup capabilities including incremental backups and dynamic backup sets. However, these features have always been folder centric. So, after a user selects a folder or a set of folders to be backed up, Cloud Desktop’s backup manager monitors those folders for changes and uploads the changes incrementally. The Gladinet solution also allowed the backup set to be changed as new files or folders are added to folders which already exist in the backup set.

With the release of 1.4, Gladinet has added the capability to define file type based backup sets. This enables users to simply specify the kinds of files that they would like to include in a backup set. For example, if a user wanted to backup all music on the system, they would simply select “Backup My Music” from the systray menu.

Systray - docs

The next step is to specify the file types to be included in the backup set:

Backup Music

Once this has been done, Gladinet Cloud Desktop uses an intelligent algorithm that leverages NTFS indexing to quickly find all music files on the system and adds them to the backup set.

Backup Music2

The obvious advantage of this approach is that users no longer need to worry about which folders contain the files they care about. With the folder based backup, a manual search would have to be performed to make sure that all folders containing music files are included. Additionally, any time a music file is added to the system, it will be added to the backup set no matter which folder contains it. Finally, the user can select which cloud storage services should serve as the backup store. In the following example, the user only has two mounted storage services, but the system supports many others like Google Docs, Google Picasa, Amazon S3,, etc…

Backup Atmos Synaptic

The enhanced backup management has built in support for Documents, Music, Videos and Pictures and allows the inclusion or exclusion of specific file types. For instance, if a user just wants to backup their excel spreadsheets, they would select “Backup My Documents” and then select the checkbox beside .xls in the wizard.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop version 1.4 enhances support for EMC Atmos, AT&T Synaptic Storage, Google Docs and Google Docs for Google Apps. The enhanced support for Google Docs includes support for shared folders. Finally, Win 7 support has been improved along with the inclusion of several other fixes and usability enhancements.


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