Build 9.3.5274 (Apr 02, 2018)

What's new in this week's CentreStack Release? Check out the details below...

CentreStack: 9.3.5274.40873  |  Widows Client: 9.3.2479.40869  |  Mac Client: 9.3.40866

  • Fixed an exception on storage/avarta.dn on Centrestack server
  • Web based management console works even when web portal is disabled for the user
  • Enhanced web portal login performance
  • Enhanced AD group membership query for proxied AD group
  • Enhanced folder permission sync for server agent migrated shares
  • Meaningful error message is displayed when download a big folder in sharing
  • Fixed shared file download issue when the file name has some special characters
  • Fixed an error when setting home storage quota
  • Enhanced windows client login when password expires
  • Enhanced windows client sharing when enforce password protection is enabled
  • Enable 'Send share password in a separate email' setting in windows client sharing
  • Enhanced file moving in windows client mounted drive
  • Enhanced windows client systray icon on windows 7
  • Enhanced saving in Mac client

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