Build 9.9.5900 (October 8, 2018)

What's new in this week's CentreStack Release? Check out the details below...

CentreStack: 9.9.5900.42174 | Widows Client: 9.9.2626.42154 | Mac Client: 9.9.42117 (no change)
  • Enhance large file upload via web portal, with multiple worker nodes
  • Add new password change email template
  • More security enhancements with penetration test and fixes
  • Add group policy 'Allow proxied AD user to change native password (Non AD Password)', under 'User Account'. When enabled, proxied AD user can change the Centrestack password
  • Enhance tenant storage migration task
  • Add Close button for Share Manager, when access it from right information panel
  • Enhance Team Folder notification setting under user's 'Team Folder' tab
  • Remove old javascript files from windows client package
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