What's new in this week's CentreStack Release 10.4.6592.43524 (May 6, 2019)?

                What's new in this week's CentreStack Release? Check out the details below...

CentreStack: 10.4.6592.43524 | Windows Client: 10.4.2740.43503 | Mac Client: 10.3.43409

  • We now support Wasabi as backend storage.
  • On the web portal, we added a paste option on context menu.
  • As tenant admin on web portal, under Management Control, Reports, now shows distributed locks list.
  • When the user switches views on their web portal, we have provided more density options. The default view is an icon view with normal density.
  • Updated tree list on the top menu when a folder is renamed.
  • When migrating backend storage from local share to Amazon S3,  the files are kept and timestamped.
  • We enhanced the email templates to follow branded Product Name when defined.
  • We enhanced Gladinet Cloud Monitoring service to generate fewer SQL queries.
  • We enhanced password reset link to only allow password reset once.
  • We enhanced folder deletion when using Wasabi as backend storage.
  • We enhanced the product name display on windows client systray menu, when the branded product name is too long.
  • We excluded .lnk file in windows client conflict detection.
  • We enhanced drag&drop moving file in windows client.
  • When deleting a folder and recreating it in windows client/server agent, make sure the folder is empty.
  • We enhanced enable/disable offline folder in windows client context menu.
  • Hide user email in audit trace records.
  • We enhanced the public link generated in windows client to follow the correct URL.


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