What is new in build 10.11.7332?

It is year 2020 and CentreStack continues to enhance its capabilities. Here is a list of enhancements in the latest build.

  • Support has been added for MacOS Catalina (10.15)
  • Enhanced Centrestack to follow NTFS permissions when using CIFS or DFS shares as backend storage and also when using in direct attached mode.
  • Device backup has been enhanced to have better support for multiple devices
  • Enhancements to Retention Policy when using Cloud Backup
  • Improvements in Cloud Backup Filters
  • Restored files using Cloud Backup will show the original time-stamps
  • JSON API can be used to enable Team Folder Cloud Backup
  • When changing the user password and enabling the setting 'User must change the password on the next login', user will be forced to change the password before can be allowed any operations on web portal
  • Enhancements to color themes in web portal
  • When sharing files to existing users as 'View only - Downloads Disabled', now the recipients can only view the files in web portal and will not be allowed to download files from web portal. Recipients will also not see the shared files in Windows Client
  • Enhancements to linking cloud folders to local folders in Server Agent, when cloud folders are directly attached folders in CentreStack
  • Version control flag will be kept when migrating the backend storage to S3 compatible storage
  • A new setting 'Don't show folders/files as offline when cache does not exist' has been added under Group Policy\Client Settings Manager. When the setting is enabled, the File Explorer Preview Panel on the right will show the file preview in Windows Client Drive. It also allows opening Excel files pinned in task bar
  • File Change Log will log all the 'Move' operations inside web portal
  • Public Links expires based on the defined expiration time
  • When create Public Links, follow the expiration time defined in Group Policy
  • Enhancements to file tags search capability inside web portal
  • Users can now enable or disable tenant admins rights to view file list and content on web portal, under 'user menu/settings'
  • Enhancements to file previews inside web portal, with a new cluster setting ‘Disable preview optimization'
  • Support has been added to us-east-2 region in wasabi
  • Enhanced 2-Step verification when it is enforced in role policy
  • Enhancements to sharing UI
  • System generated password support has been added when sharing to external users
  • When sharing content with external users who has ‘Edit’ permissions and clicking ‘Get Link’, ensure the created guest users will receive the welcome email
  • Multiple notification emails will not be sent when the share is about to expire
  • Under search results on web portal, display the last modified time and support sorting
  • Folder revisions will not be displayed under in-place versioned folders
  • Enhance recreating the folder with the same name as the deleted folder
  • Fix a crash in Cloud Monitor
  • Password length defined in password policy will be enforced when resetting a native user password and choosing system generated password
  • Enhancements when downloading multiple files/folders as zipped file from web portal
  • New Web Installer has been enhanced to detect and download the corresponding package
    Enhancements to Windows Client UI when using High Resolution monitors
  • Make sure Windows Client UI does not prompt login in systray operation/context menu
  • Removed 'gladinet.com' text in Windows Client systray menu
    Enhancements to 'Open in web portal’ in Windows Client’s Context Menu for folder names containing the # sign
  • Enhancements to saving Excel files in Windows Client Drive
  • Enhancements to saving Microsoft Access DB files in Windows Client Drive
    Purge cache option in Windows Client’s Systray Menu has been enhanced to also purge folders under cache
    When a file is deleted from a local folder which is attached to the cloud, ensure the file is deleted from the cloud as well
  • Enhancements to folder move operations in Windows Clients when the target folder contains a folder with the same name
  • Enhancements to syncing local folder when the name contains some hidden characters to the cloud when using S3 as backend storage
    Enhancements to uploading files containing hidden characters generated by ABBYY Fine Reader to the cloud
  • Enhancements to Windows Client login to check both devices and tokens when ‘Max Device Count’ is defined under Group Policy


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