CentreStack Year 2019 Review

28 Releases and 3,006 Code Check-ins!

Another successful year has passed for the development team at CentreStack. This article covers the enhancements and new features added during 2019 as we continue to address increasing interest in data privacy, sovereignty and control from businesses exploring options to modernize and mobilize their file servers on-premises or simplify file server migrations and hybrid deployments.

In response to partners who found it difficult to keep up with our weekly release schedule, we also reduced the frequency of updates to incorporate longer beta test cycles for each release by first releasing it in our hosted environment before shipping it to our self-hosted partners. We cut the number of build in half and lengthened the testing pipeline by 400%

Product enhancements covered several areas including cloud backup, usability, security, mobile access, client updates, performance & scalability.

Cloud Backup

CentreStack now provides a simpler, more cost-effective backup solution by transforming an on-premises CentreStack server into an efficient backup appliance that stores snapshots of file server shares or selected folders from remote devices in the cloud for on-demand access.
For existing CentreStack deployments, cloud backup adds value as businesses get a consolidated platform that provides a full suite of mobile access, secure sharing and business continuity solutions

Performance & Stability Improvements

If you’re seeing performance issues, we strongly recommend upgrading from SQL Express to MySQL. If you need our help with this, we've added a database migration services to our professional services menu in the partner portal. We also recommend moving to a recent build as we have made several significant performance and scalability enhancements.

Usability Highlights

In 2019, we focused on refining the user experience with thousands of improvements and bug fixes that:
  • Enhanced management UI to work from mobile devices
  • Resolved compatibility issues with foreign languages
  • Added finer control of UI elements in Group Policy settings
  • Enhanced application security and issues found during PEN tests
  • Resolved thousands of bugs for general UI cleanup

Security Highlights

Penetration Testing: Two separate agencies were contracted to run PEN tests and we resolved all outstanding issues that were identified. We also resolved issues found during penetration testing performed by three separate large partners.

Other Security Enhancements: We fixed several issues required to meet Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) requirements and continued to enhance security features like:
  • 2-Factor Authentication 
  • Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory (AD) integration
  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Single Sign-On (SSO) 

Mobile Highlights

Android Client enhancements:
  • Support multi-select for copy, cut, and delete
  • Add the ability to share files with other phone apps
  • Support printing for pictures and PDF files
  • Add the option to change color and clear the cache
  • In the File Preview, support swiping to navigate all files
iOS Client enhancements:
  • Support Single Sign On
  • In the File Preview, support swiping to navigate all pictures
  • Enhance the way complex pdf files are displayed
  • Manage settings from the App itself
  • Allow to request files and share public link

Mac Client Highlights

  • Fixed sync issues for attached folders and Catalina
  • MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) Compatibility
  • Enhanced backward compatibility with MacOS 10.13 and 10.14
  • User interface enhancements
  • Enhanced auto-update
  • Added support for Dark Mode on Mojave and Catalina
  • Improved feature parity with Windows client
  • Fixed Catalina search feature
  • Fixed an attached directory refresh issue in Catalina  

Support and Professional Services

We’ve also enhanced our professional services offerings to include:
  • Branding Services
  • Database Migration
  • High Availability Design and Installation
  • AWS Installation
  • Azure Installation
  • On-Premises Installation
  • SAML Integration with Azure AD
  • Storage Migration
Get the details on what this powerful platform can do for you at: Managed File Sync and Share, and don’t hesitate to send your support requests to support@gladinet.com or give us a call 1.888.955.6656 so we can help you with your file server mobility needs.


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