Secure File Sharing On Existing File Servers

For stronger security and control, an increasing number of companies are creating private file sharing services on their current file servers using CentreStack. Offered by Gladinet, this platform simplifies access for remote workers from any device, including employees' mobile phones from any location. It also simplifies the migration process to the point where safe file sharing on existing file servers  can be setup for all remote users in a matter of minutes without requiring that data be replicated to the cloud or transformed in any way.

These capabilities are important for companies that depend on file server data that still remains on-premises for reasons of compliance, security and control. or because a company cannot afford the costs and disruption of replicating data to the cloud. These costs can include user training to introduce new workflows, reconfiguration of folder permissions to factor out subfolders that don't have the same permissions as their parent folders, and figuring our how to manage access to any files that may have been left behind on the file server for legacy reasons.


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