10 Minutes Video Introduction

A 10 minutes feature walk through video was added on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=879e7x2OA5Y).

There are 10 videos out there now focusing on different features. You can get to the 10 videos from the company web site at http://www.gladinet.com/p/download.htm. You can also get the 10 videos on http://youtube.com/ by keyword: gladinet.

The home page of the web site was tuned today too. It now loads much faster. Different pages have different titles now so next time Google indexes the site, it will find more pages.

We are focusing on two issues: 1 - Usability 2 - Stability. Hopefully by the time we reach Beta quality, it will be more enjoyable to use. We may also add some post Tech Preview features in. Send us feedbacks at support@gladinet.com and we will prioritize the requests to get them in.


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