Bring Your Own Cloud Storage Account

imagePrior to Cloud Storage, bring your own storage to traditional software is common sense. You may bring your own USB drive and have the backup software back it up to your USB drive. As long as you possess the USB drive, you have the data available.
Bringing your own cloud storage to Gladinet Cloud is similar. Gladinet Cloud provides anywhere access, peer sharing, team collaboration, mobile app functionalities to cloud storage. When you bring your own cloud storage account to Gladinet Cloud, not only you have all the benefits Gladinet Cloud provides, you also have full data ownership since it is your own cloud storage account.
When you sign up for a Gladinet Premium account or Gladinet Team account, you can choose default storage provided by Gladinet. You can also choose to plug in your own storage account.

Plugin Your Own Cloud Storage

After that, you can configure your Gladinet Cloud account with your own storage account.

Why Bring Your Own Cloud Storage?

Just like you bring your USB drive to backup software in a traditional way, your cloud storage may have very pure storage functionalities such as save data, read data and no more (just like a hard drive) . When you need functionalities beyond pure storage functionalities such as drive mapping, peer share, team collaboration, version control and etc., you will need the help from Gladinet Cloud.

Brand-able Cloud Storage Solution

The Plugin Your Own Cloud Storage can be done at individual level. It can also be done at the whole Gladinet Cloud level. This makes it very interesting for hosting companies to brand Gladinet Cloud solution with their brand and their storage.

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