Gladinet Cloud + Google Cloud Storage

drive-cardThis morning, Google Enterprise Blog published this article titled “Google Cloud Storage brings more storage solutions to the enterprise”.
As a quote from the Google blog:
We (Google) are also seeing lots of technology providers integrating Google Cloud Storage directly into their offerings. For example, several providers of enterprise storage solutions have integrated with Google Cloud Storage to make their products and services even better.
Gladinet is proud to be one of the first partners mentioned in the article since we bring a very unique solution to Google Cloud Storage – a simple online collaboration, online file storage, offsite backup and team work space solution.
Dated back to 2008, Gladinet was best known for the ubiquitous client that connects to cloud storage services and creates a drive letter on user’s desktop. It is very convenient for users to drag and drop files from local folder to cloud storage services and vise versa.
Since then, Gladinet has evolves to have a file server solution that brings virtual volumes of cloud storage services to a file server, in addition to desktop solution. It also evolves from simple mirror backup solution to snapshot backup solution integrated with Windows Volume Shadow Copy service.
Last year, with the release of Gladinet Cloud for teams, all the desktop client, server agent, mobile app and web interface are now all unified around one single cloud service  - the Gladinet Cloud, with the capability of supporting different Cloud Storage services as plugin.
Now Google Cloud Storage is one of the default plugin if an end user so desire.  So users can house all their files in Google and access the files from anywhere using Gladinet Cloud solutions.
Way back when, Google GDrive speculation was circling around the blog-sphere.  It is speculated to have the capability of house all user files and accessible from anywhere.
With the Gladinet Cloud for Google Cloud Storage solution, it is a reality now. You can not only host your files on proven Google’s infrastructure with high reliability, availability and performance. You can also leverage all of Gladinet’s strength on:
  • Have a drive letter for Google Cloud Storage to access.
  • Anywhere access from Web browsers and mobile devices.
  • File Server virtual volume integration so you can have network shared drive
  • You can quickly and seamlessly migrate your desktop files and server files to Google Cloud Storage.
  • File share and folder share of your cloud storage files and folders.
  • Team collaboration folders based on Google Cloud Storage.
Gladinet Cloud + Google Cloud Storage = G Cloud Drive!

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