Selective Auto Client Upgrade

Managed Service Providers (MSP) have been using Gladinet Cloud Enterprise for file sync and share solution for their customers.  The auto client upgrade is a big feature because it makes the service provider’s life easy since they may also manage the customer’s desktop. One of the concern in the past is how to test the client auto-upgrade before it is pushed out to a lot more users. Now here is the answer, the administrator can select some users to try it out first.

Provide the Email Addresses of the Users to Auto-Update the Clients

Login as the cluster admin and go to Cluster Manager\Cluster Settings\Settings and provide the email addresses for whom the latest client should be published in the ‘Apply to Users:’ field and click on ‘Publish’.


Once it is published all the users in the email list, the client auto upgrade will happen in the background (The client has to be connected to the Internet and running).


Once the first batch of users got upgraded and everything is normal, after a few weeks,  the auto-client-upgrade can be turned on for everyone.

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