Turn Firewall Expenses into Savings or Profits

Are you paying for a Cisco or Palo Alto firewall with a VPN client like AnyConnect? Switching to CentreStack can turn those costs into profits or savings. The amazing thing is that CentreStack is also easier to use, faster and more secure.


Does this sound too good to be true? Are you wondering how we can offer more security than a VPN? And what if you’re locked in with a multi-year contract for your VPN\Firewall? Or what if you need the VPN or even RDP to run applications? Keep reading and we’ll address each of these issues.


Service provider reduces firewall and VPN costs by 80%

I recently spoke with one of our MSP partners. They had a large law firm as a client. The firm was using a Cisco Firewall and the AnyConnect VPN client to allow remote workers to access files. After switching 115 users to CentreStack, costs were reduced by more than 80%. More importantly, it was a much simpler experience for remote workers which eliminated VPN-related tickets.


How can CentreStack increase security when compared to a VPN?

Here are a few examples of the security benefits that come from using CentreStack to replace or augment a VPN

1.     You no longer have to allow unmanaged endpoints on your corporate network to provide remote access.

2.     Attack surface is reduced since remote connections are restricted to port 443, protected by SSL encryption and traffic flows through a CentreStack server in the DMZ.

3.     CentreStack’s remote endpoints are centrally controlled through group policies, auditing and reporting

4.     The CentreStack agents provide device management features like remote wipe and policy based access.


For a more detailed discussion, please review this article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/10-reasons-switch-from-vpn-file-sharing-make-your-msp-franklyn-peart/


What if I can’t replace my firewall because I’m locked in by a multi-year contract?

If your firewall/VPN contract ends within 6 months, you can use CentreStack for free until the renewal date. Please contact us to discuss the details.


What if I need VPN or RDP to run an application on the desktop?

You’ll still get a lot of benefit from running CentreStack in tandem with the VPN. For example, remote workers often need to login to the VPN connection even when they just want access to a file. These users will no longer consume a VPN connection and will use a lot less bandwidth with CentreStack. Instead, they’ll have an always-on mapped drive that automatically caches their working set locally.


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