Modernizing File Server Access and Security

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Modernizing a file server usually implies a move to the cloud. But what if you need those benefits for data that must stay on-premises? You're not alone. Experts estimate that as much as 90% of enterprise data is still on-premises and 30% will remain there indefinitely.

Why modernize access to on-prem data? 

Is your increasingly hybrid workforce pushing the performance and scalability limits of your VPN (Virtual Private Network)Are you worried about increased exposure to security threats like ransomware? 

File server modernization revolutionizes remote access to increase productivity, security, and performance for data that must remain on-premises. It provides benefits that cannot be achieved with VPN, RDP, or even Zero Trust Network Access solutions.

1. Give your workers faster, simpler, more scalable remote access. 

Book a demo so we can show you how to:  

  • Simplify remote access with familiar mapped drives that maximize productivity.
  • Keep users productive when they need offline access.
  • Simplify mobile device connectivity.
  • Supercharge security, performance, and data control.


2. Protect your network from security threats like ransomware.

Book a demo to see how easily you can: 

  • Reduce the attack surface by keeping unmanaged endpoints off the network.
  • Block ransomware with behavioral heuristics.
  • Backup files with versioning and NEVER pay a ransom.
  • Control unmanaged endpoints with device management and access policies.

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