CentreStack: Revolutionizing Real Estate Management with File Server Mobilization for Streamlined Project Management and Collaboration

In the real estate industry, efficient data management and seamless collaboration are non-negotiable. A well-known real estate company urgently needed to fix the problems that resulted from using remote desktops, Dropbox, and Office365 to create, edit, and share CAD drawings. This led to a chaotic data sprawl across multiple servers and client sites, and the company was looking for a way to efficiently consolidate data management without having to deal with remote servers and VPNs between sites.

Objective Achieved with CentreStack

CentreStack - the breakthrough platform that transformed the company’s project management with its seamless collaboration and secure remote access capabilities. The platform enabled the centralization of all critical data at the company's headquarters and eliminated the need for VPN connections between sites.

Remote workers, who previously struggled with VPN network issues and often worked with the wrong versions of files due to data sprawl and synchronization issues, found relief with CentreStack. The platform not only eliminated these issues but also improved the overall work experience of the remote workers.

Benefits of CentreStack for Real Estate Management:

  • Centralized Data and Management:
    CentreStack provides a targeted approach to centralizing data. It prioritizes file servers and includes cloud mobility features that ensure your data is not only consolidated but also easily accessible and manageable.
  • Simplified Management:
    Say goodbye to the complexity of managing remote file servers and the overhead associated with managing multiple sites. CentreStack simplifies these processes and makes data management a breeze for real estate professionals.
  • File Server Compatibility:
    With CentreStack, remote workers no longer feel "remote". The platform provides an office-like experience, bridging the gap and improving collaboration and productivity.

Overcome Challenges with CentreStack:

  • Remote access and sharing issues
  • Manage multiple remote servers
  • Challenges associated with site-to-site VPN
  • Application compatibility


One of our users shared how CentreStack provided an almost office-like experience for his predominantly remote workforce: "Gladinet desktop clients deployed through CentreStack have significantly sped up access to network resources and increased productivity across multiple workstations.”


In an industry where data is central, and collaboration is essential, CentreStack is proving to be an indispensable ally for real estate and property management companies. With its many features to centralize, simplify, and efficiently manage data, it's the tool every real estate professional needs to stay ahead of the competition.

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