CentreStack: Secure, Easy Remote Access & Transformative Solutions for Efficient Collaboration in Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, there is a constant need for efficient, secure, and seamless means of sharing internal design documents with external partners such as suppliers and vendors. Traditional solutions, such as creating a single user in Active Directory (AD) for external access, not only compromise security but also involve tedious user management tasks.

Manufacturing collaboration challenges

Many manufacturing companies struggle to securely share internal files without resorting to VPNs, cloud migrations, or Active Directory changes. The need for a secure solution that enables easy collaboration without losing control of data is more important than ever.

CentreStack: A Tailored Solution for Manufacturers

CentreStack is proving to be a beacon of efficiency and security in this scenario. As a platform that specializes in file server mobilization with a focus on file server compatibility, CentreStack can effortlessly set up external or guest users while maintaining all standard file server controls.

If your manufacturing company needs to collaborate with partners, distributors, suppliers, or vendors, CentreStack allows you to grant remote access to critical company files while defining access levels for users from external organizations. This not only increases the security of your corporate network but also boosts overall productivity by enabling smooth and uncomplicated collaboration.

Key Benefits of Using CentreStack in Manufacturing

  • Simplified Management of External Users:
    With CentreStack, you can use native users while maintaining all existing permissions and controls without impacting Active Directory. This simplifies the management process while ensuring that security is not compromised.

  • Increased Partner Productivity:
    CentreStack provides a mapped drive access experience that mimics a local file server, complete with native file locking and NTFS permissions, making collaboration easier and more intuitive for partners.

  • Enhanced Security and Control:
    Secure your data with CentreStack’s robust security features. Track changes through auditing and file change logs, protect against cyber threats like ransomware and ensure compliance with industry standards.


"For an important project, we needed to collaborate with numerous users overseas. CentreStack was the perfect solution because its internal user feature allowed controlled remote access while respecting our permission settings. This simplified our collaboration without creating security gaps."


In the fast-paced and security-sensitive environment of the manufacturing industry, CentreStack offers an unparalleled solution for organizations looking to simplify external user management, increase partner productivity, and improve security and control over their data. With CentreStack, secure and efficient collaboration in the manufacturing industry is not only possible but guaranteed.

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