Release Candidate

Today we released build 109, reaching the release candidate milestone. In the past month, we focused primarily on stress testing. For example, I can now download my Google Picasa web albums (5600 pictures, 245 web albums) completely to my other PC overnight without glitch. I can also upload big folders to Amazon S3 as well. I can setup incremental backup of my documents to Google Docs. It is becoming more and more usable.

This is what the Cloud Desktop needs to be. The bridge between the Cloud and the Desktop needs to be reliable. It is a goal that may not be easily achieved, we will need to continue to push the limit. There is always version 3.0.

The most recent Google Docs service glitch also proved that if we can solve the backup problem (such as Google Docs has a local cache copy or an Amazon S3 backup), the service will be more usable. If there is a backup copy into Amazon S3 for Google Docs, there won't be a concern of business continuity when the Google Docs becomes part of the company document infrastructure. The strength of multiple service providers combined can be much bigger than a single one.

Gladinet as an open platform, lays a foundation to support multiple service providers. It takes time for the platform to mature. Reaching release candidate milestone is a good step forward.


Dan Hedley said…
Downloaded and installed. It feels a lot more solid and quite a bit snappier. The interface is getting there too, although I'd like to see more consistent "Windows-like" behaviour.

Very nice. Keep up the good work!
jerryhuang said…
Thanks. will keep improving. We will change some of the interface from AJAX back to Windows. Initially the design goal was to make it easily portable to other platform(including a pure web browser) and Javascript was a good fit. However, Windows native UI still has advantage in the native theme support and speed.
G. said…
It is perfect!
The only thing I miss is the inability to disable the Windows Explorer Side Pane. I find it very annoying.
Anonymous said…
is also possible to use GMail like drive?
CentreStack said…
We are working on improving the side pane using the standard Windows Explorer integration. Will be better soon.

We would add the Gmail drive like feature to a list of feature requests after Box.Net integration, Webdav integration and etc.
I cant download a CNET!
Gang said…
Please retry later. The links should be good. If you still have problem downloading, please contact us at
Scoroncocolo said…
Jerry, Do you plan to add Synclpicity support any time soon?
jerryhuang said…
We will take a look. Currently our plan is to release a Gladinet C# SDK. It will be easy to integrate more and more later on.
MORE importantly does it have a featured analogous to FXP?

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