EMC Atmos Windows Client

EMC Atmos Online is cool and it is different from Amazon S3. We are happy to announce the support of EMC Atmos Online side by side with Amazon S3, starting build 130 in the version 1.1 RC.

This is an important step to bring a multi-storage backup solution to users. One of a common concern about using cloud storage is a single point of failure or locking into a single vendor. By supporting multiple cloud storage vendors from the groud up, the Gladinet Cloud Desktop software allows you to backup data into multiple storage vendors at the same time.

You can use the Gladinet Backup Manager, select your local files, select both the EMC Atmos Online and the Amazon S3, then select the backup schedule. After that, it will be on auto-piloting to the cloud storage backup.

We saw the news 3 weeks ago about EMC, AT&T partner on 'Atmos' Cloud Storage(http://tinyurl.com/laqyv9). This means version 1.1 will likely to support AT&T as well.

Sign up for an EMC Atmos Online beta account, download the Gladinet Cloud Desktop v1.1_rc, you will be among the first few to enjoy the Atmos Cloud Storage as a virtual drive.

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Unknown said…
I am a glad user of Gladinet Professional. If you could provide support to Office live (http://workspace.office.live.com/) and Acrobat.com (http://share.acrobat.com) that would be really awesome.
CentreStack said…
We will put these on our feature requests list. We are also in the middle of working on a Gladinet C# SDK. with the SDK, we hope more and more will be integrated later on.

Thanks for the suggestions!
"One of a common concern about using cloud storage is a single point of failure or locking into a single vendor."

A more important concern is crypto implementation and sharing of keys
Unknown said…
Jerry Huang,
Thanks for the reply. That would be nice to have C# SDK. Would you publish that SDK. That would give me to extend it further. Thanks again.

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