Gladinet 2011 Review

gladinet2011It is 2 days to Christmas 2011. Wish every Gladinet user happy Christmas and a happy new year 2012. As usual, it is time to take a look back at the year 2011, review the Gladinet milestones and look forward to year 2012.

The most significant milestone in 2011 was the mark of over 1 million Gladinet software downloads, with important milestones reached in other aspects of the business too.

Product Development

In February, Gladinet Cloud Desktop 3.0 was released, followed by Gladinet Cloud Backup 3.0 in March and Gladinet Cloud AFS 3.0 (Cloud Server) in June. This is a complete suite of access products that help users access cloud storage from desktops and file servers. Gladinet continues to strengthen the core competency of  on-ramp solutions to cloud storage, bridging the gap between local storage and cloud storage. If you have Microsoft Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files and so on, Gladinet is the most downloaded solution to help accessing these cloud storage from the comfort of user’s desktop and the comfort of a drive letter.

In September, Gladinet Cloud was released. It is the first time Gladinet has its own brand of cloud storage. For the first time Gladinet has a complete end-to-end solution from the cloud to user’s desktop.  The Gladinet storage is built on top of the market leading Amazon S3 service and also Gladinet’s own Access Suite. Users can still use Gladinet software to access partner’s cloud storage services. If they don’t have cloud storage account, they can use Gladinet’s out of the box. They will find Gladinet’s access solutions work best with Gladinet’s cloud storage simply because it is much easier to add functionalities such as 2-way sync and quota service, when both side of the technology are talking to each other.

Marketing Message

Back in 2009, Gladinet’s marketing message was “when the cloud meets the ground, a new horizon of cloud computing appears”. The old message focused on bridging the gap between the cloud in the sky and the PCs on the ground.

in 2011, The marketing message was further refined to become “Gladinet solves the BASIC cloud storage need”. BASIC refers to Backup, Access, Sync, Identity and Control. It is a continuation of bridging the gap of cloud storage and local storage. It is more specific to customer’s current need. They need to backup local storage to the cloud. They need to access it with a drive letter and a web browser. They need to sync cloud storage from PC to PC. They need to have identity in the cloud and have control sharing and collaboration over the cloud storage.

Partner Development

In 2011, Gladinet and Nuance formed partnership to OEM Gladinet Cloud Desktop as Nuance Cloud Connector. Nuance Cloud Connector is currently shipped with Nuance OmniPage and PaperPort.

There are other important partnerships developed too.

Customer Development

The 1 million download is an important milestone reached. Cloud Storage is becoming main stream. With the developing of cloud storage and cloud computing, Gladinet software and services are becoming more popular.

What is New in 2012?

You will see better functionalities coming for Gladinet Cloud. Better way to share files and folders with peers; Better web based file explorer with HTML 5 upload and multiple file upload capability; iPhone App is coming and Mac App is coming too. It will be exciting in 2012.


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