Delegate Administration for Gladinet Cloud

When you have a small team, you don’t need delegate administration.
However, when your team size is 20 and above, or if you are using Gladinet Cloud Enterprise for you whole company, you need delegate administration.

What You can Manage in Gladinet Cloud?

In Gladinet Cloud, you can manage Team Folders, Plugin multiple cloud storage systems at the Storage Manager, manage users at User Manager and etc..
For a big team, you may want to split up the management scope so different administrators can manage different aspect of the system.
There are two different kinds of delegate administrators in the system. First is full delegate administrator. These administrators will have the same admin rights as you, the master admin of the team account.

Full Delegate Administrator

The full delegate administrator will have the same administration rights as the master admin for the team account.

Task-Based Delegate Administrator

As teams gets bigger, you may also want to have delegate administrators just to do the user management or just the storage management.
On the web portal pages, these management pages will have a Security link. From the security link, you can define who can access the page.
Once you clicked the security link, you can add regular users to the security page and promote them to be the delegate administrator for the page.

Next Steps

Go to to sign up for a team account to see it in action!


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