Team Collaboration Notification

Collaboration is a key component of Gladinet’s Enterprise Data Sync, Share, and Collaboration solution. Comes together with collaboration, is the requirements of notification when people around you collaborates on the files and folders. You would like to see change notification or action-related notification such as someone uploaded a file or downloaded a file and so on.  This article documents the notification features in the Gladinet Cloud Enterprise.

Personal Share

Each individual user can share files and folders in his/her home drive to other users. There is a pair of  per-user setting “Send email notification when file is downloaded” and “Send email notification when file is uploaded”. This way, the user who starts a personal share can receive action-related notification when people touches the files and folders.


For the personal share, there is also per-user notification available


Team Folder

Team folder from the concept level is very much like the network shares in the old days, plus the ability to share across Internet. Users can also subscribe to notifications for team folders they have access to by choosing “I want to receive notifications for changes made in this folder (sub-folders)” option once inside the team folder.


Every time the files are being downloaded and uploaded in the shared folder, the administrator or the user sharing will receive the notification in their email.


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