OpenStack EFSS (File Sync and Share) with Active Directory–Part III

This article documents the integration with SwiftStack and per-user Active Directory account support both in the SwiftStack and Gladinet Cloud Enterprise (CentreStack).

SwiftStack implements OpenStack Swift. It also integrates with Active Directory. In SwiftStack, you can turn on the LDAP authentication and also specify which LDAP Attribute will be used to identify the user. For example, UPN name or sAMAccount name are all good choices.

In Gladinet Cloud Enterprise, it has Active Directory integration as well. Even more, it supports SwiftStack’s per-Active-Directory account management.

Step 1 – Specify which field to use

Since it is pretty flexible in SwiftStack to specify which field to use for Active Directory user authentication, such as using UPN or sAMAccountName, the name choice needs to be matched on the Gladinet Cloud Enterprise (CentreStack) side.

First in the c:\Program files (x86)\Gladinet Cloud Enterprise\root\web.config file, add a line

  <add key="LDAPTokenUsingSAMAccount" value="true" />


This will set the integration to use sAMAccountName.

Step 2 – Tenant Root Storage Configuration

During the setup of the tenant’s root storage configuration, need to enable the setting to allow tenant users to do SwiftStack integration for per-AD-user account.


Step 3 – When user is created, enable the per-AD-user account


Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial.


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