Using MDM (IBM Maas360) to manage CentreStack iOS App Configuration

CentreStack is a managed file sync and share solution for managed service providers. After service provider installed the CentreStack solution, one of the step is to direct customers to download the white label application from Apple App Store and then configure the Access Point to point to the MSP's CentreStack installation.

With MDM (mobile device management) and remote app configuration, this step becomes easier. The MSP can use a MSP friendly MDM solution such as IBM Maas360 and deploy the application, together with the AccessPoint and UserEmail field. This greatly simplified the steps that required for the end user and immediately the app is usable without keying in the lengthy Access Point or the user email.

This is great for managed service provider to manage applications and enhances usability for end users.

Here is an early preview of the feature. It requires iOS application version 7.9 and higher. The app as of the writing is being deployed to Apple AppStore and it will take a week or two to show up.


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