Build 9.6.5507 (June 26, 2018)

What's new in this week's CentreStack Release? Check out the details below...

CentreStack: 9.6.5507.41405  |  Widows Client: 9.6.2537.41400  |  Mac Client: 9.6.41307
  • Support {ProductName} in request file email templates
  • Enhance accessing AD user's home folder when import AD user with home drive published
  • In Group Policy, Attached Folder, add new setting 'Allow syncing of hidden files'. Once checked, hidden files/folders on the source folder will be synced to cloud.
  • In Group Policy, Sharing, add new setting 'Notify share owner n days before share expiring (0 - do not notify)'. It allows CentreStack to send notification when a share is about to expire
  • Make web based management console navigation menu bold, for better display in reduced color during remote support
  • Enhance folder rename syncing back to source folder
  • Enhance sharing on web portal, in small resolution
  • When view sub-folders in team folder, respect "Don't show folder that user doesn't have read permission" in group policy
  • Enhance opening .xls file in windows client drive
  • Enhance windows client when save file from IE11 to windows client mounted drive
  • Prevent windows client user from hiding folder moving warning
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