What is New in CentreStack

The latest release in CentreStack is 10.8.6995.

Here is a list of updates.

  • Enhanced folder sharing functionality when 'Enable internal public share URL' is enabled under Group Policy\Sharing.
  • Enhancements when accessing folder’s public link in a browser on mobile devices.
  • From Group Manager, support has been added to download group information as a csv file.
  • Support has been added to import/export roles under Tenant’s Role Manager.
  • Enhanced External Sharing tab for Team Folder to show all shares under the Team Folder.
  • When a new device requires an approval, add a link in the new device notification email. An Administrator can click the link in the notification email to enable the device.
  • The link generated by the Outlook plugin will continue to work when the settings ‘Users must log in to access the content in 'Files shared with me' folder’ or ‘Disable Public Link’ is enabled.
  • Enhancement to public links for files when 'Force Download’ setting is enabled for the link.
  • When Requesting File into a folder, a new setting 'Collect Uploader Information' has been added. Once enabled, the users need to type in their information before they can upload any files.
  • The user email will be captured during upload via ‘Request a File link’.
  • Support has been added to select multiple Guest Users under Guest User Manager and performing a delete operation.
  • When a user changes her password, the email notification sent to the user will be based on the branded email template.
  • Support has been added to publish folders with single quotes in name as team folders and assigning ‘Collaborators’ to that team folder.
  • Enhanced storage migration to a local folder.
  • Support more predefined folders under User Profile to backup when setting up Cloud Backup Profile.
  • Support environment variable %userprofile% when specifying a backup folder during Cloud Backup Profile setup
  • Added the ability to enable device backup for all devices with a specific profile in Cloud Backup on cluster level and tenant level.
  • For windows client when login with two-step verification is enabled allow emailing the security code.
  • Enhanced file locking functionality for AutoCAD files in windows clients.


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