CentreStack 2020 Update Highlights


13 Releases and 4,009 Code Check-ins!

2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least. But despite the health, political and economic challenges, we've seen increased growth from our customers given the overall increasing demand for remote access. 

This article covers the enhancements and new features added during 2020 as we continue to address the increasing interest in work from home use cases that encourage businesses to modernize and mobilize their file servers on-premises.

Product enhancements covered several areas including cloud backup, usability, security, mobile access, client updates, performance & scalability.

SharePoint Integration

The SharePoint Integration received more focus in 2020 as more businesses were forced to accelerate migration plans that often included O365. But these migrations are often forced to leave some data behind for reasons related to application compatibility or compliance and control. We've made several significant enhancements to the CentreStack integration with SharePoint to improve support for these hybrid use cases based on customer feedback.  

>2000% Increase in File Server Sync Performance After Stability Improvements 

We've made some significant architectural enhancements to the Cloud File Server Agent synchronization platform that have yielded significant improvements in the stability and performance of multi-site file server synchronization for large data sets. In many cases, we've seen synchronization speeds increased by more than 2000%.

Usability Highlights

In 2020, we continued to refine the user experience with thousands of improvements and bug fixes that:
  • Resolved compatibility issues with foreign languages
  • Resolved hundreds of bugs for general UI cleanup
  • Addressed user feedback and enhancement requests

Mobile Highlights

Android Client enhancements:
  • Support multi-select for copy, cut, and delete
  • Add the ability to share files with other phone apps
  • Support printing for pictures and PDF files
  • Add the option to change color and clear the cache
  • In the File Preview, support swiping to navigate all files
iOS Client enhancements:
  • Enhance Single Sign On
  • Enhance localization support
  • Increase scalability limits
  • Usability enhancements
  • 2FA Highlights

Mac Client Highlights

  • Fixed sync issues for attached folders and Catalina
  • MacOS 11.2/11.2 (Big Sur) Compatibility
  • User interface enhancements
  • Improved feature parity with Windows client
  • General bug fixes and enhancements to scalability and stability
Get the details on what this powerful platform can do for you at Managed File Sync and Share, and don’t hesitate to send your support requests to support@gladinet.com or give us a call 
 so we can help you with your file server mobility needs.


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