Why MSPs Opt for CentreStack File Server Mobilization Over BIM360 and LucidLink

The cloud file-sharing landscape for 3D designs and media files is rapidly evolving. As MSPs look for standout solutions, CentreStack's unique file server mobilization capability wins out over BIM360 and LucidLink, especially when data cannot be transferred to the cloud. But what are the specifics that lead to this preference?

An MSP's Observational Journey

A forward-thinking MSP identified a recurring problem: Standard Office files transferred seamlessly to SharePoint, but 3D designs and media files didn't. BIM360 and LucidLink were reputable but not sufficient. CentreStack's approach to file server mobilization not only filled the gaps but also opened up a predictable revenue stream for the MSP.

CentreStack’s File Server Mobilization Edge for MSPs

In the face of challenges like:
  • Difficulties with remote access and sharing
  • Handling complex designs
  • Retaining data control
  • The looming threat of losing "sticky" revenues
CentreStack offers unparalleled solutions:
  • File Server Mobilization: Seamlessly mobilize file servers when some data must remain on-premises to ensure a non-disruptive cloud experience.
  • Enhanced Security: Assure clients with the highest level of security measures.
  • Versatile Workflow: Handle everything, from significant file sharing to remote AutoCAD tasks, without migration headaches.
  • Collaborative Capabilities: Microsoft Teams and other integrations mean MSPs can deliver more value.
  • Tailored Cloud Solutions: Whether on-premises, pure cloud, or hybrid, CentreStack caters to every need.
  • Smooth System Integration: Incorporate existing tools, streamline processes, and maintain familiarity.

Comparing CentreStack with LucidLink and BIM360

For MSPs looking to improve their portfolio and return on investment, it's important to understand these platform differences.

CentreStack vs. LucidLink:

  • Mobilization Mastery: CentreStack's ability to mobilize file servers gives MSPs a broader service range compared to LucidLink’s cloud-restricted focus.
  • Client Ease: With CentreStack, client integrations remain smooth and intuitive.
  • Security First: Position as a top-tier data guardian with CentreStack's layered security offerings.
  • Expanded Collaboration: A broader toolset with CentreStack offers an advantage over LucidLink’s collaboration options.

CentreStack vs. BIM360:

  • File Server Focus: CentreStack's emphasis on file server mobilization ensures data remains where it's needed, sidestepping BIM360's potential migration issues.
  • Always Updated: Provide your clients with real-time file access and ensure there are no version control issues.
  • Integrated Security: Deep-seated security options make CentreStack a trusty choice over BIM360.

In Conclusion: The MSP Perspective

For MSPs intent on blending top-tier service with sustainable revenue growth, CentreStack's file server mobilization approach, set against the offerings of BIM360 and LucidLink, is the clear frontrunner. CentreStack isn't just about meeting clients' needs; it's about anticipating them. When it comes to file server mobilization, CentreStack is an unmatched tool for MSPs.


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