CentreStack: The Superior Alternative to VPN and RDS for Legacy Applications in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering


MSPs Need A Better Answer for Legacy Applications like AutoCAD and InDesign

As Managed Service Providers (MSPs) continue to explore cloud solutions that cater to the specific needs of their clients, one area of critical importance is the integration of legacy applications with modern IT infrastructure. Industries such as architecture, construction, and engineering rely heavily on applications like AutoCAD and InDesign, which present unique challenges in a cloud-dominated environment. This blog discusses why CentreStack is emerging as the preferred solution over traditional VPN or RDS setups for these critical sectors.

Understanding the Limitations of Traditional Systems

Traditional VPN and RDS solutions have been the standard for remote access in industries that utilize intensive legacy applications. However, these systems come with several drawbacks:

  1. Performance Issues: VPNs can be slow, and RDS often struggles with latency, especially with data-intensive applications.
  2. Complexity and Cost: Setting up and maintaining VPNs or RDS for legacy applications can be costly and complex, requiring continuous management.
  3. Scalability Concerns: Scaling these traditional solutions to accommodate growth can lead to increased costs and complexity without proportional improvements in performance.

The CentreStack Advantage

CentreStack offers an on-premises OR cloud-based approach that addresses these challenges effectively, making it an ideal solution for MSPs looking to provide value to their clients in sectors that cannot easily migrate to platforms like SharePoint. Here are a few examples of how CentreStack stands out:

  • Enhanced Performance: CentreStack minimizes latency issues common with VPN and RDS by leveraging optimized protocols designed specifically for high-performance needs.
  • Simplified Management: By eliminating the need for complex VPN setups or RDS configurations, CentreStack reduces IT overhead and simplifies the user experience.
  • Cost-Effective Scaling: CentreStack can be deployed on-premises or based in the cloud. In either case, it allows for easy scalability, helping businesses expand without the typical infrastructure investments required by VPNs or RDS systems.
  • Secure Data Handling: CentreStack ensures that data remains secure and compliant with industry standards, providing peace of mind for sensitive projects in architecture, engineering, and construction.

Operational Benefits for MSPs and Their Clients

Adopting CentreStack not only enhances operational efficiency but also positions MSPs as forward-thinking technology partners capable of addressing the nuanced needs of their clients. Here’s what MSPs and their clients gain:

  • Remote Access Redefined: CentreStack provides a seamless remote access experience, akin to working within an office environment, which is crucial for applications requiring high graphical fidelity and responsiveness.
  • Collaboration and Control: With CentreStack, multiple stakeholders can collaborate on projects without the risk of data loss or security breaches, which is often a concern with traditional remote access methods.

Conclusion: A Strategic Shift in IT Solutions

For industries rooted in precision and efficiency, the shift from traditional VPN and RDS solutions to CentreStack represents a significant leap towards modernizing IT infrastructure. This transition not only enhances day-to-day operations but also aligns with long-term strategic goals for growth and innovation.

What's Next?

Are you an MSP looking to enhance your service offering with a solution that addresses the specific challenges of architecture, construction, and engineering clients? Discover how CentreStack can transform your approach to legacy applications, providing a smarter, more efficient alternative to VPN and RDS. Check out our datasheet and contact us to learn more and start the transition to a more agile and responsive IT infrastructure.


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