Version 1.1 Released, What is new?


  • Mount EMC Atmos Online as a virtual folder, so you can use it as a Windows client for Atmos.

  • Mount Google Docs for Google Apps account, so you can backup your cloud documents back to local PC.

  • Mount as a virtual folder, so you have more places to put your files and have one more client tool to access

  • Mount FTP Server, so you can do in place editing.

  • Mount WebDav folders, so you don't have to remember the long URL everytime.

  • Support S3 European Buckets.

  • Support multi sessions in Terminal Server/Citrix Server environment.

  • New Click-2-Mount Wizard, easier to use.

  • Bug fixes.

Give it a try ( let us know your comments!


Unknown said…
Hi Jerry - If I have my local implementation of Atmos, can your app mount the local version as a mount point? Thanks,
CentreStack said…
Hi Int, We are working on a Gladinet SDK in C#, scheduled sometime next month. It will come with examples and documents. Should be easy to integrate anything as a mount point then.

If your Atmos implementation is already in C# or .NET, will be very easy.
Unknown said…
Any plans to support Windows Azure Storage?
jerryhuang said…
Yes, we are currently workin on Azure integration, could be released together with the Gladinet SDK. After the SDK, any developers can do the integration for other storage services.
Have you cleaned up the application so it's not like a neutron grenade in a clean system?

Do you have a thinstalled version? yes, I know the product is no longer called thinstall but the new product name doesn't lend itself to being used as a verb
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
Is there any progress on being able to work through a proxy yet? Only thing stopping me from buying a copy is the fact that I cannot use it at work.
jerryhuang said…
Proxy support is on the road map. Currently we are working on the version 1.2 for the SDK support and Azure support. Once that is done, proxy is in the planning for the next.

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