Amazon S3’s Amazing Growth

In a recent Amazon Web Services Blog titled '”Amazon s3 – Bigger and Busier Than Ever”, it documented Amazon S3’s amazing growth from 0 in 2006 to over 262 billion objects now.

As we plot the same numbers on an Excel graph and apply an exponential trend line, it shows Amazon S3 grows almost exponentially.


This graph is a living proof of the fast growing cloud storage market and Amazon S3 is leading the charge.

If you are a small and medium sized business, you can leverage Amazon S3 to be more productive. Earlier, we published a case study from a real estate company, about how they leverage Amazon S3 to provide both on-premise and off-premise access to Amazon S3. Once the data is moved from a on-premise file server into the cloud, it greatly enhanced user’s productivity since they can access it easily and share easily.


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