Gladinet Cloud Desktop 3.0 Released

We released Gladinet Cloud Desktop 3.0 this morning. It is a pretty big milestone as version 3.0 typically marks the maturity of a piece of software.

If version 1 were to test the market acceptance and start collecting feedback, and version 2 were the start of incorporating user feedback into the product, version 3.0 is completely driven by feedbacks from our customers, partners and user base.

There are several new changes you will notice. The most noticeable one could be the changes in the usability and the new look and feel. However, the biggest feature is the addition of Cloud Sync Folder.

New Gladinet Management Console

There are 2 goals of the new Gladinet Management Console, as compared to what it was in version 2:

  1. Simpler
  2. Better Organized


Cloud Sync Folder

Cloud sync folder is a local folder that can synchronize folder content over a given cloud storage service (as a conduit) to another PC.  The folder content is version controlled in case you need to roll back or resolve conflicts.



Integration with Cloud Backup

In 3.0, now the Cloud Backup is an optional add-on package that you can enable with a Cloud Backup license. For users that need to have both Cloud Desktop’s functionality and also Cloud Backup’s snapshot backup functionality(for folders and files, SQL Server and etc.), they can install the product once and get two packages together.  (note: Cloud Backup also has a stand alone product package.) 

Here is a quick 5 min YouTube video for the new 3.0 user experience.

There are also numerous other enhancements for performance and usability throughout the product.

Check out and the Cloud Desktop page for more information about the new release.

Press Release

Gladinet Introduces File Sync with Major Cloud Storage Services


Anonymous said…
ummm any chance of a mac version?
jeremi said…
Can it be used to sync Google Apps with my desktop ?
I'm actually compiling a list of applications working with Google Apps to sync/backup on Google Apps Central.

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