How to Backup Google Docs to Local PC

You have started using Google Docs and you liked it. Overtime you moved more and more documents into Google Docs and it is turned into one of you main document management site. Now you started to wonder the what ifs. What if the online account was compromised. What if you forgot the password and you can’t get your documents back. Now you decided you want to have a local backup of your Google Docs files.

Sounds like you? The solution is pretty simple with Gladinet Cloud Desktop version 3.0.

Step 1 – Mount Google Docs and Local Disk Side By Side


For the mounting of local disk, you can create a local folder first, such as c:\backupgdoc and mount it as a virtual folder.

Step 2 – Backup Google Docs (Mirrored Backup)




The backup is done by polling the Google Docs directory structure periodically. For example, you can set it up to do so every 24 hours.


That is it. Pretty straight forward.

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Bennett said…
In the Management Console, when I click "Backup Google Docs", I get an error message that reads "Gladinet Cloud Desktop ! - You need to mount Google Docs account you want to backup and the target cloud storage as virtual directory before continue!" I have mounted both my Google Docs account the and the local directory that I want to backup to.

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