Three Primary Cloud Storage Use Cases on Your Desktop

If you want to use cloud storage from your desktop, what are the primary use cases?

In another word, what will be the most valuable applications for you, when you can have cloud storage directly on your desktop?

Use Case 1 – A Cloud Storage Drive

2011-02-07_2230You want to use cloud storage from a virtual network drive with drag and drop capability and the ability to save directly from windows applications.

Use Case 2 – Online Backup

2011-02-07_2232You want to backup files and folders, music and video to online cloud storage. Sometimes you want to do a mirror backup to mirror a local folder into cloud storage. Sometimes you want to do snapshot backup with different versions.

Use Case 3 – Multiple PC File Sync

2011-02-07_2231With cloud storage as a conduit and repository, now you can synchronize your files and folders onto multiple PCs.

You may not agree with the above list of 3 major cloud storage applications from user’s desktop, however, the above 3 use cases are what Gladinet learned from its use base.

This helps shape the feature and functionality of Gladinet Cloud Desktop 3.0. It is a personal cloud storage drive. It is a personal cloud storage based backup solution. It is also a multi-PC file synchronization solution.

What makes Gladinet Cloud Desktop special is not the above 3 use cases in one software body, since there are many cloud storage applications covering the same use cases.

What makes Gladinet special is the ability to support the above 3 use cases with a list of online storage services:

You control your backend storage and Gladinet will provide the front end to it with a choice of an open platform.


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