Backup to Rackspace Cloud Files

cloudfilesRackspace Cloud Files include Rackspace Cloud Files US and Rackspace Cloud Files UK. It is an excellent choice for online backup purpose, especially when you are already using other Rackspace services.
This article covers steps to backup local files and folders to Rackspace Cloud Files
First you will need to acquire a Rackspace Cloud Files account. If you need a US account, you will sign up at  Rackspace Cloud Files US. If you need a UK account, you will sign up at Rackspace Cloud Files UK.
After that, you can install Gladinet Cloud Desktop as a Desktop application to connect to your Rackspace Cloud Files account.  The connected Rackspace Cloud Files account will show up like a locally attached network drive, allowing you to do drag-n-drop copying files from Windows Explorer. Gladinet Cloud Desktop also includes scheduled backup features.
As shown in the following mount virtual directory wizard, you can pick either Rackspace Cloud Files (default US) or Rackspace Cloud Files (UK). The concept here is that you will have a locally attached virtual network drive and you will mount Rackspace Cloud Files account as a virtual folder. If you have multiple accounts, you can mount multiple times.
In the next step, you will sign into the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel and get the API Access username and API Key. These two parameters will be needed to mount your Cloud Files account.
Inside your cloud files account, your files and folders are organized into containers. If this is the first time you use Cloud Files, you can name a brand new container during the mount process.
After the mount virtual directory is done, your Cloud Files container will show up inside Windows Explorer.
Other than normal drag-n-drop file upload to Rackspace Cloud Files, you can also use the backup specific functionalities from Gladinet Cloud Desktop. You can open the Gladinet Management Console and pick the “Cloud Backup” section.
If you need more advanced backup features, such as integration with Volume Shadow Copy Service to backup SQL Servers and active in-lock files, you can enable Gladinet Cloud Backup (which is an add-on to Gladinet Cloud Desktop).

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Hans said…
This indeed works great. We are using the UK cloud. Only thing not working is giving access to the share on group level (in a domain). Users in that group than do not have access. Only when I give an individual user acces it works.....

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