On-Demand Access to Online Storage

Online storage services all come with some standard access methods, such as web browser based file manager and mobile applications.

Some come with a synchronization folder. For example, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive all come with a synchronization folder.

For personal use, it may be OK for the web browser based file manager and the synchronization folder.

As online storage services getting more and more popular, personal use is gradually turning in to team collaboration over the online storage. Synchronization based accessing method gradually turning into On-Demand Access.

So customers don’t want the long wait time for the file to be synchronized to cloud. Instead, they want instant, on-demand access.

On-Demand Access

In this case, customers want to have immediately availability and accessibility to the online storage data, not waiting for the synchronization to finish. Customers want the files to be immediately available to other team members once the file reaches online storage, or has established connectivity to online storage service.

Big-Data Access

Big-data access is related to on-demand access. Typically customers have a big data set locally to migrate to cloud. Customers also want immediate on-demand access to the data set during the migration phase. 

How Gladinet Addresses Data Access?

Gladinet Cloud is built on top of drive mapping technology for online storage access. The benefit of having a drive letter is that it enables direct random-access. So this solves the problem of the wait time for full sync down to another PC.

when you data is in the cloud. You can always use the web browser file manager, the mobile app, or the drive letter to do direct random-access.

How about the Sync up Time?

Now what about the sync-up? If you have a big folder sitting locally and want to enable immediate random access from the cloud, while the data is still syncing up to the cloud and online storage?

Gladinet solves this problem by “attaching local folder” to the cloud. Once a local folder is attached, it is content is available for access, while the content is being synchronized to online storage.

Next Step

If you are interested in migrating big data set to online cloud storage and have immediate on-demand access, check out Gladinet Cloud Team Edition at www.gladinet.com


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