Show Tutorial Page for Non Admin User in CentreStack

CentreStack is an enterprise file sync, share, and collaboration platform. It has many enterprise features including the ability for administrators to enable the setting to show tutorial page for non admin user. Once the setting is enabled and the non admin user logs into the system for the first time, the user will be able to take the tour of the product and get an overview of the web portal usage.

The overview will explain what some of the buttons and icons mean and do, such as, upload and new folder, refresh folder, browse parent folder, tree view icon and etc. Users will also get to see from where they can go to management console and manage team users. They will also see the options to create team folders, share folders and files, download and install clients from web portal.

The video below will demonstrate how administrators can enable the setting show tutorial page for non admin user in Centrestack.


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