Migrate Users from Active Directort via Sever Agent Using Migrate User Wizard in Centrestack

CentreStack is an enterprise file sync, share and collaboration platform. MSPs, who would like to use centrestack as a Dropbox replacement in order to take control of their customers' data, it is critical that they can migrate the data from customers' file server shares to their centrestack platform hosted in their datacenter. Most of the time the customers network is away from the MSP network and hence they should be able to migrate the file server shares over a WAN connection. Using Centrestack's file server agent software on a file server administrators can select 'Migrate Existing Share via Server Agent' option in Centrestack to migrate an existing file server share along with all the security permissions.

The video below demonstrates how administrators can migrate shares even when centrestack server is in a separate network than file servers using Centrestack's file server agent software and selecting 'Migrate Existing Share via Server Agent' option.


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